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For us, everything revolves around the stories of our clients. We help our clients unravel and discover their story, to write it down or to visualize it and to then bring it to the attention of their target groups. We do this by creating media attention, organizing events, creating websites, sending out mailings, involving social media and much more. We are continuously looking for the best way to tell the story.


Our goal is achieved when the customer has achieved his own goals. The frosting on the cake is when our customers say; “I couldn’t have done this on my own.” We love it when the result is achieved through good cooperation and we emphasize that ultimately, it is a 50/50 effort. We will share the responsibility for success with our customers. The customer can expect proactive and professional support and advice from us. We on the other hand expect our customers to give us input and ideas, to take part in and encourage a smooth process. And most importantly, we both have to be enthusiastic. Our motto is simple, without enthusiasm the results will fail.

What our clients say

Yellow Communications will celebrate their 12th anniversary in April 2017. On our 10th anniversary we thought it was time for a party! Check out the video below and listen to what our clients had to say.

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Finding stories, telling stories, showcasing them and making sure people hear them. Earning appreciation and reaching your target audience. Click here to see what we do.

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We love to explain what we do and what we’re good at, but why not hear it from someone else? This is what our clients have to say.