Workshops & training

We not only want to help you find stories, tell stories, show them and make sure people hear them, we also want you to be good at it. That's why Yellow offers different types of training and workshops on many levels.

Key message development

If you want to tell your story but don’t know how to give it that edge, our key message development is an important first step to take. Together with our senior consultant you’ll get down to work to find out what makes your brand, product or service unique, and what the best way is to get your message across.

Blog workshop

Blogging: everyone wants to do it and, surprisingly, almost anyone can do it with a little help from the right people. We will not only teach you how to write a blog; we will also help you discover what kind of blogger you are, what you want to write about and which method suits you best. After some theory, we immediately get down to work so we can finish the first blogs before the workshop is over.

Presentation training

A presentation should be catchy and effective and preferably also fun, not only for the audience but for yourself as well. Our senior communications strategist helps you present with confidence by making you aware of your body language, your voice, eye contact, interaction with the audience, stop words and language use.

Communication training

The objective of this training session is to teach your employees to communicate more effectively, in particular towards your customers. During the training we will practice skills such as active listening, asking questions, asking follow-up questions, empathy, speaking briefly and clearly, giving and receiving feedback and dealing with resistance and emotions. In addition, we practice being assertive and proactive. After following the communication training, employees will gain more insight into their own communication style and interviewing skills, they will be more persuasive and have tools to help them take control, keep control or regain it.

Brand positioning workshop

When positioning your brand, product or service you are faced with three things. The first thing is your identity, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition, what is the relevance to the target audience, what do you have to offer them? Lastly, you must determine how to set yourself apart from the competition, what makes you unique. During a brand positioning workshop we go through these points step by step, to end up with a clear overview of who you are and where you stand.

Media training

Are you just starting out as a spokesperson? Or do you have a lot of experience with talking to the media, but always had a feeling that you could do better? We can help you develop your own, unique style of speaking to enable you to communicate your story to the press, and therefore your target group. We will teach you easy-to-use techniques and provide you with practical tips and tricks. Following that, we will start practicing interviews in front of the camera or with a real journalist so you can immediately see what is going well, and what could use some improvement.

Customized Training

If you are looking for a specific training or workshop, a moderator or if you have another question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like more information, please get in touch.