Yellow Communications is officially VPRA Q-Certified.

Yellow Communications is officially VPRA Q-Certified. The certificate proves that Yellow is a good and solid business.


“With the certification Yellow shows that it is a solid office which has its operations in order, from business and finance to account management and talent development,” says Danielle Tamis, a member of the Certification Committee of the VPRA.


Karin van Geelen, owner of Yellow Communications: “Obtaining the VPRA Q-certification confirms that we have our business in order behind the scenes. From finances to customer processes and from bringing in partners to skills development within our own team.”


The Association of Public Relations Consultants (VPRA) is a platform where the affiliated agencies meet and develop. It supports the participating agencies to improve their professional and business performance through meetings on subject-specific topics and testing standards for business operations. Additionally VPRA constitutes a ‘counter’ where the outside world can obtain information about the member agencies, in both collective and individual sense.

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