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We make your brand, product or service noticeable

At Yellow Communications, we challenge the status-quo. We help our clients shake up customer assumptions and shape up their message so that they don’t just connect with their audience, but leave a lasting impression.

The only way we can do that is to know you better than you know yourself. Our team is focused on creating that perfect relationship, understanding your goals and delivering work that ensures you stay in the hearts and minds of your audience across Belgium and the Netherlands. Consider us your personal partner that will help you achieve limitless results.

How do we do that?

Health Tech

At Yellow, hearts beat faster when we hear about companies and organizations that commit themselves to extend human potential. We love to talk about how health tech is used to serve people in their daily lives, in business and private situations. Locally and globally, we want to spread your message. Read more about our health tech expertise:

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Our Stories

Purpose is what you do, not what you say

7 November, 2018|Blog|

So much talk in marketing circles right now is focused on the importance of brand purpose. The ability of a brand to articulate how it intends to change the world for the better. Done right, [...]

Why midsize is the right size

4 October, 2018|Blog|

Whenever I hear Hotwire described as a midsize agency I consider it a badge of honor. We’re big enough to give ambitious CMOs and others on the client side the national and international support they [...]

Nodding as a core business strategy

4 October, 2017|Blog|

Always being agreeable - blessing or curse? Isn’t it great when someone fully agrees with you. Nodding in agreement when you claim something, laughing when you tell a funny story and acknowledging any statement, however [...]

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How others feel about us

We love to talk about what we do and what we’re good at. But sometimes you want someone else to tell you about that. And who can tell you better about working with us than the people we already work with?